Tetris 1.72

Plays the old school game that has marked your childhood
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Remembers the old times by playing this game, the idea is the same, arrange the parts or pieces in such an order to not block any space and have it uncovered. The pieces can be moved horizontally and dropped down faster. The game includes ten levels of an increasing difficulty.

Tetris is a simple arcade game of tetris in which you have to arrange the falling pieces in a way to form full lines and make them disappear from the board. The pieces can be moved horizontally with the left and right arrow keys, rotated with the up arrow key, and also dropped with the down arrow key. On the right of the playing area you can view your score, the level you are in, the number of lines you've made so far, the high score, and the next piece. You can play for as much time as you want until the pieces touch the top the playing area. The game includes ten levels of increasing difficulty, but which look exactly the same. The only difference between levels is that the pieces fall faster as you progress. It also enables you to select the level from you which you wish to start and also the starting rows, and size of the pieces.

Regarding the graphics, they are very simple (it's hard to expect anything fancy from a variant of Tetris), but nice. Sound effects are simple and there is no music. In short, Tetris is a simple arcade game that may satisfy tetris fans, but doesn't have much to offer.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Ten levels
  • Free
  • Customizable


  • No music
  • All levels look the same
  • No bonuses nor power-ups
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